Judy Ward for State Senate

PA Nurses Endorse Ward for General Election

Judy Ward has been endorsed for State Senator in November’s General Election by Pennsylvania’s State Nursing Association, the PSNA.

The PSNA is the respected voice for a tradition of care that serves nearly every Pennsylvania family and is committed to promoting public policies that help nurses improve and enhance patient care.

Ward herself is a former nurse who has spent countless hours caring for local residents.  She brings to Harrisburg that unique perspective and uses it to help craft better public policies that both improve patient treatment and work to respect the contribution nurses make in our healthcare system.

“I deeply understand the vital role that nurses play in our healthcare system and have always worked to improve healthcare in our state by listening to the nurses who are truly on the front lines when it comes to patient car,” Ward stated. “I am humbled to have received this endorsement, and will continue to work hard as State Senator to improve our healthcare system.”

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