Issues that Matter to Pennsylvania Families

Jobs and Economic Growth

  • Smart tax reform that helps keep and attract employers and entrepreneurs – and the jobs they create
  • Support our agricultural community and farm-based businesses by providing them needed flexibility to ensure the continued economic vitality of farms and agri-businesses across Lancaster County and Pennsylvania
  • Ensure a strong workforce by bringing together schools and employers to make sure children have the tools to succeed, and by supporting job re-training so displaced workers get the skills they need to secure jobs
  • Get government out of private business such as liquor sales, hotels, and more

Proven At Protecting Taxpayers

  • Stopped Governor Wolf's multi-billion tax and spending increase. Judy passed smart budgets that control spending instead.
  • Focused on Cutting Waste by passing Welfare-To-Work reforms, cutting special interest giveaways, and ending the taxpayer-paid perks for elected officials
  • Preventing tax increases by taking back unused tax dollars from state agencies and using it to help pay for the budget
  • Push to eliminate unfunded mandates to reduce costs at the school, county and municipal levels

Tough Government Reforms

  • Judy refuses the taxpayer-paid pension, per diems and perks to lead by example
  • Passed public pension reform to save tax dollars and supports moving all legislators into a 401(k) type system to end the current pension system
  • Push to eliminate WAMs once-and-for-all and replace them with a transparent grant system
  • End legislative per diems and require legislators to submit for legitimate expenses like we do in the real world
  • Utilize technology to increase transparency

Preserve Our Community’s Values

  • Ensure parents have the right to educate their children how they choose be it through public, private, charter or home school education
  • Fight the opioid epidemic to ensure the safety of our neighborhoods and save lives
  • Preserve our Constitutional rights and the 2nd Amendment
  • Protect the unborn and ensure no tax dollars are used for abortion
  • Safeguard private property rights and fight for eminent domain reform

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